Mushroom season is finally here and this year it seems my shroom hunts will take place mostly within the city of Portland, rather than the deep woods of the Gifford Pinchot NF and the Columbia Gorge as was the case last year.  My transportation is currently limited to two human-powered wheels, so this fall the city will have to serve as my mycological playground.  Urban settings can yeild many things if one searches in the right places.

I’ve been boning up on my mycology and have already made a couple of treks out in search of the fungus among us.  I live right next to Powell Butte, which has thus far revealed many puffballs and some oyster mushrooms, but not much else I’ve been able to identify easily.  The springwater corridor seems like a good bet with its many mulch piles and boggy areas.  I hope to make more mycological forays around the city in the days to come.